Ushahidi is one of the few social enterprises that has, in just a few short years of existence, dramatically changed the face of how individuals and communities can influence democracy and economic development around the world.
Hilde Schwab - Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship

There was enthusiastic adoption of the users, sending in reports, visiting the site – and asking for even more. But, lack of reports in some regions reflected inability to get the word out.
Katherine Maher - Sharek961

Visualization was KEY, and Ushahidi was selected for vivid, impactful, graphic representation of the problem.
Michael Ballard - Stop Stockouts

We wanted to create a platform that allowed geospatial visualization of where major groups/resources exist on [human] trafficking, as well as overlay information about latest cases, news on trafficking and risk areas. Ushahidi allows us to do just that.
Aashika Damodar - Survivors Connect

Mapping data is important for “accountability”. The fact that people see their report it is the biggest motivation to engage them.
Oscar Salazar - Cuidemos el Voto

It was just really fascinating to see how quickly the public picked up the technology and was able to embrace it. They really were dying to have an avenue to express their views.
Sudan Vote Monitor – via Global Voices

I cannot overemphasize to you what the work of the Ushahidi/Haiti has provided. It is saving lives every day. I wish I had time to document to you every example, but there are too many and our operation is moving too fast.
Clark Craig – United States Marine Corps, during the Haiti crisis response effort