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This email is for general questions, not technical support: info at ushahidi dot com


You can reach a number of community channels. You can get deployment or technical help, share research inquiries and collaborate with other Ushahidians. Here are our mailing lists. Also see the Contact Us wiki article.

Ushahidi Community Mailing list: community AT
To subscribe send an empty email to community-subscribe AT

Ushahidi Developer Mailing List:  developers AT ushahidi DOT com
To subscribe send an empty email to developers-subscribe AT


This is only for Security reports and patch requests: security at ushahidi dot com


If you are a member of the press or wish to write about Ushahidi, contact press at ushahidi dot com


If you are interested in doing business with Ushahidi, contact us at – consulting at ushahidi dot com


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