Ushahidi provides technology customization and strategic consulting services to a wide range of clients.


Since launching the Ushahidi platform in 2008, we have gained extensive experience in customizing our platform for multiple purposes worldwide, whether it be to monitor elections or a crisis, to crowd source an experiential marketing campaign for a brand or event, or even to organize a music group’s fans and shows.

Clients include Al-­jazeeraWorld Bank and the United Nations.

Innovation and Strategy

We leverage our four years of experience in crowd sourcing to work together with you to identify the key problems and develop the strategy for providing the solutions. We offer strategic guidance on how best to launch and implement your technology to meet your intended impact. Our strategy services include branding, deployment tactics, and out‐of­‐the-­box thinking such as integrating a peer­‐to­‐peer payment platform into the deployment.

Configurations and Customizations

For problems where our default tools need to be augmented to meet a specific need, we offer specialized configurations suited to your unique situation. For example, election monitoring in areas isolated from communication infrastructure to mapping the activities of community health workers and their mobile clinics, to speciHic analytical analysis.

Deployment and Management

We can run the technical aspects of your deployment freeing up resources in your organization to do what you do best. This service can include hosting your deployment, developing unique add ons, running regular security audits to keep your data secure, updating your back ups so that your data is never lost, and maintaining the site. We also provide training services to ensure that your staff and/or partners are fully versed in your customized platforms. We can save you time, money, and a headache.

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The Ushahidi and SwiftRiver platforms are free and open source. To this end, they are infinitely customizable. But as the creators of both platforms, we are best placed to modify them to meet the ever-­evolving needs of our clients. Our technology expertise includes user-­interface design, innovative uses, coding over difficult hurdles, and delivering a product quickly in a crunched timeframe. In short, we guarantee you the best possible customization of our platforms possible.